Meet the team





Nicolas Bardi has devoted more than 20 years to strategy and innovation in the field of energy. At the CEA, he was responsible for European affairs, a member of the CEO's advisory team, responsible for fuel cell research projects, head of laboratory and head of an R&D department where he was responsible for a team of more than 100 people, depositing more than 20 patents per year and with a budget of nearly 20 M €.

French readers may be interested to know that Nicolas is a graduate of Ecole des Mines in Paris and of Sciences Po Paris. Others may forget this information. On the other hand, everyone must know that Nicolas Bardi plays the saxophone (well, he has playe, and will play again one of these days), that he has 3 wonderful children of 13 years old (who plays the trumpet), 11 years old who plays the flute) and 3 and a half years (who plays, period). He watches from his balcony green beans and tomatoes growing in his garden, with a magical view of the Chartreuse (which, for the uneducated, is not only an alcohol, but also a pretty mountain overlooking Grenoble).




Caroline Rozain is an engineer and a doctor in electrochemistry. She worked on lithium-air batteries, fuel cells, electrolysis technologies, during her studies at INPG Grenoble (Phelma), Imperial College in London, TU Eindhoven, BAM in Berlin. Caroline did her thesis at the CEA-Liten and the University Paris-Sud in Orsay, and is the author of two patents. At Sylfen, Caroline hybrids batteries and an electrolyser that also works as a fuel cell. She's loving it, and in addition she tackles all energy building related subjects.

Investors will note that Caroline has always had plenty of ideas to create businesses, first in the field of connected objects, but also in the marketing and delivery of good homemade dishes. She preferred Sylfen, it is probably a pity for those who have to continue suffering their lunch at the canteen. Caroline hikes, skies, and takes a lot of pictures with a beautiful digital Canon for which she just bought a new lens. Since her balcony no longer overlooks the Chambery train station but the Isère river, which offers a magical panorama on Belledonne, her mood is going up.




For 30 years, Marc Potron has led projects and teams in the aerospace and defense industry. Engineer of the ENSAM, he's a Gadzart who doesn't like mechanics but adores numerical control-command and the architecture of complex systems. After having helped the Rafale and the A340 to brake, Marc took the responsibility for the operational support of ground-air systems. All of this at Thalès. Then he took responsibility for a business units in the field of engineering at Assystem where he was the boss of a whole region, and then at Nexeya where he also created the group's marketing department.

Marc is also a rock-singer and guitarist. Unlike Nicolas, he plays truly, real concerts in front of delirious crowds. Currently Toulousain, he feeds EasyJet and AirBnB to give a hand to the team Sylfen where he now takes the direction of operations. So, very soon, he will leave the view on the Pyrenees to find one on real mountains (friends of the southwest, you know we love you anyway). If you have a house for rent, contact him in PM.