Sylfen changes scale

Sylfen accelerates, with the means to achieve its ambitions: industrial offices with international development potential!


Sylfen is moving to "Le Cheylas", a historic industrial site that continues its transformation by hosting a leader in hydrogen for the energy transition. With 460 m² of technical areas under a 6m-high roof, adjacent to an external area ideal for our hydrogen infrastructure, we are giving ourselves the means to achieve our industrial ambitions. Starting this year, this new space will be used for the integration and the qualification of the first 5 modules of our Smart Energy Hub.

260 m² of adjacent office space are ready, delivered on 11 May - the day of the end of the lockdown, nicely renovated from a room historically dedicated to the piloting of a rolling mill! The interior layout will take into account the new rules of social distancing and will obviously allow us to increase the size of the team.

Sylfen is a technological start-up. But we do not develop connected green peas nor an AI to generate over cute kittens’ gifs to share on the social networks…
In order to assemble hybrid renewable energy storage systems using hydrogen and batteries, to optimise our energy management software and develop our sales, we needed industrial workspace and offices tightly connected: at Le Cheylas, the whole Sylfen Team will be able to work together and make the energy transition come true! Nicolas BARDI


end of incubation: time has come for industrial and sales development

Since its creation in 2015, Sylfen benefited from domiciliation at Minatec-Entreprises, offices at CEA-Liten in Grenoble, at Savoie-Technolac in the "House-Boat" surrounded by bamboos (nostalgia...) and, since 2016, at InnoEnergy in Grenoble. Each time we have been extraordinarily well received and supported: thank you to all of you who have helped us to grow! We had the idea of bringing you all together for a big inauguration party... but in the current sanitary crisis you’ll understand we cannot do it… The promise is now made, perhaps as soon as next fall?

Finally, a service message for InnoEnergy: you will find again availability in the office areas, meeting rooms, ground floor workshop, dishwasher and table football, but do not forget us! We will go on enjoying your events, and benefit from your support and advice! We even plan to increase our interaction with your extraordinary European ecosystem since Sylfen’s commercial acceleration is our number one priority for this second part of the year!


Installed at the very end of an old rolling mill, Sylfen benefits from a space adapted to the assembly and qualification of its Smart Energy Hub. The choice of the SLS ACTIPARC Sillon Alpin industrial site (30 hectares with 40,000m² of buildings) is attractive due to its location at the heart of the alpine hydrogen ecosystem: between Grenoble and Chambéry, Lyon, Geneva and Turin.

This site has a rich history: in 1920, exactly a century ago, a metallurgical plant belonging to the "Société des Hauts Fourneaux et Forges d'Allevard" was developed here. Industrial activity came to a halt with the closure of its last operator Ascométal a few years ago. The neighbouring Winoa is still in operation. Today, it is above all a site driven by the persistent energy of Mathieu Janin and his local services providers available to fit out, clean, repair, wire, weld and equip. They have shown flexibility and responsiveness to deliver the premises on time, and we will certainly call on them to equip our spaces and assemble our products: a good local industrial ecosystem (today about 25 companies and 100 jobs) is an essential asset for success!

Lastly, it's always good to dream: there's still time and room for other industrial ambitions... the railroad is coming to the factory, which could allow us in the future to ship our products by hydrogen train! On this site, we should be able to set up a totally carbon-free energy supply, combining solar, hydraulic and bioenergy. At just a stone's throw from Sylfen, Alpes Energie Bois operates a 14 MW power plant fuelled by wood industry waste, and EDF operates the second largest pumped storage power plant in France (480 MW): energy storage for almost 40 years.
The good vibes are gathered around Sylfen!

Return on Sylfen’s 5th anniversary

31 Aug 2020

On June the 5th, the entire team was gathered to celebrate Sylfen’s 5th anniversary. We took the opportunity to celebrate in our new offices at Le Cheylas! A birthday celebration and inauguration day for the new premises… Nicolas, Caroline and Marc blew out Sylfen’s 5 candles (in the shape of small unicorns!). The whole team…

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Sylfen changes scale

19 May 2020

Sylfen accelerates, with the means to achieve its ambitions: industrial offices with international development potential!

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Sylfen awarded GreenTech Verte label !

06 Apr 2020

We are pleased to have been selected by the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, and are now proud to display the GreenTech Verte label. Sylfen is one of the 26 laureates of the last Call for Expression of Interest initiated by the French government to ‘’select the new companies that offer innovations which…

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Sylfen is awarded the Deeptech’s call for project by BPIFrance

28 Feb 2020

Sylfen won a funding of 950k€ for the ALTAÏR project (2019-2021), which structures the technical and software organisation plan of its product: the Smart Energy Hub.   While Sylfen will deliver its firsts Smart Energy Hubs in 2020, the R&D road-map aims at launching the first industrial version of the product by the end of…

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EARTO awarded the Smart Energy Hub innovation of the year 2019

28 Oct 2019

On October 8th, Sylfen participated to the award ceremony of the EARTO Award, which took place in Brussels. During this ceremony, we had the honor of receiving the Innovation of the Year award, in the category “Impact Expected”, for our Smart Energy Hub integrating the rSOC technology (developed in collaboration with the CEA Liten of…

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Sylfen and the european project GIFT

16 Jul 2019

The GIFT project aims to increase the share of renewable energy production in energy islands, and to use buildings as flexibility agents for networks.

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The Smart Energy Hub labeled Efficient Solution by Solar Impulse

28 May 2019

Our innovative product is part of the effective solutions for a successful energy transition, and has received the Solar Impulse 1000 Solutions label.

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The european project REFLEX

22 May 2018

This project aims at the realization of a Smart Energy Hub of 3 modules, each module being able to store a power of up to 40kWe in electrolysis

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Major technical progress with demonstrator SMARTHyES

22 May 2018

The SMARTHyES (SMART Hydrogen Energy Storage) demonstrator finalized by CEA-Liten and Sylfen in April 2018 incorporates three major advances in the road-map from a laboratory technology to a commercial product

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SYLFEN is now a member of the Smart Buildings Alliance

11 Jul 2017

Sylfen joined the Smart Buildings Alliance in June 2017. We share the same vision on the role of the building in energy transition

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