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Don’t worry, work happy, store energy !

Sylfen is a start-up from the french institute CEA-Liten of Grenoble. It was created in June 2015, and is supported by EIT InnoEnergy (European cluster). We have already contracted the sale of a first unit to be delivered in 2017.


Our ambition:

Make possible a world where we can rely on local and renewable source of energy.


Our solution:

We are developing fully-integrated energy storage and production solutions for buildings and eco-districts that want to cover their needs with complete peace of mind from local and renewable sources. Our Smart Energy Hub allows to adjust the energy production of a building to its consumption thanks to its high capacity storage (> 1MWh) in the form of hydrogen associated with batteries.

To achieve this, we are relying on a breakthrough innovation in the field of energy: a reversible Solid Oxide Cells (rSOC) technology. This technology benefits from more than 10 years of R & D conducted at the CEA-Liten in Grenoble and is protected by more than 20 Patents of which Sylfen holds an exclusive worldwide license.

In order to prepare for the next phases of industrialization and development, Sylfen is recruiting a:

Modelization and Command Control Engineer - Based in Chambéry, France

Your missions

Expert in process modeling, you only have a few months to equilibrate the operation of a dynamic multiphysics system to help optimize its design and control. Fortunately, teradata will arrive to you in real time to enable you to validate your hypotheses!


Your job is to:

Contribute to the skills transfer from CEA to Sylfen:

  • By taking ownership of the performance data already available from functioning systems
  • By incorporating existing parts on cells and stacks (electric & thermal)


Define and validate a dynamic model of the energy processor, component-by-component 

  • By defining the elementary component to be modeled (stack, hot module exchangers, cold module exchangers, upstream / downstream compressors, etc.)
  • By defining for each of these component the transition phases (start / stop, change of mode) and nominal operation (discrete point or continuous performance)
  • By correlating each component with the actual performance of the technology ; first from the data already available and then using the data collected on operating systems (end of 2017)
  • By participating, in connection with the design team, in defining the key specifications of each of the components of the energy processor


Define and validate a dynamic model of the multi-stack modular energy processor

  • Building on the work of the design team (or co-defining it) to define the level of modularity for each component of the system
  • By integrating the previously modeled system to validate a global dynamic model of the modular energy processor
  • By defining the key characteristics of each components of the energy processor in order to enable the control of the system (flow rate, temperature, pressure level, etc.)


Defining and validating a dynamic model of the Smart Energy Modular multi-stack hub

  • By adding to the energy processor dynamic model the models of the subsystems such as battery, compression, ... in order to have the dynamic model of the complete system
  • By confronting the model to actual data measured on the experimental sites


Define and validate a simplified model of the Smart Energy Hub for design software tools

  • By realizing a simplified Smart Energy Hub module to estimate the performance of the technology according to the level of maturity of the technology
  • By participating, together with the design team, in the definition of the performance roadmap of the systems according to the evolution of the designs.



Master in Mathematics. You have significant experience in fluid modeling, thermal management and/or electrical components.

You know the following software: Matlab, Fluent, Comsol, ANSYS. You are used to iterative processes.

At Sylfen, we appreciate open profiles, entrepreneurials, dynamic leaders, that challenge their comfort zone and who are not afraid to invest themselves in the development of a team.

Position to be filled in October 2017.

Please send your application to the following address: job-ref-sjzjndlr9v@candidature.beetween.com

Recrute Ingénieur Modélisation et Contrôle Commande

01 Aug 2017

Expert de la modélisation de procédés, vous avez seulement quelques mois pour mettre en équations le fonctionnement d’un système multiphysique dynamique afin de contribuer à l’optimisation de sa conception et de son pilotage. Heureusement, des Téra de données vous arriveront en temps réel pour vous permettre de valider vos hypothèses !

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Recrute Ingénieur R&D Thermique et Fluidique

01 Aug 2017

Orfèvre des sciences de l’ingénieur, expert des procédés thermiques, fluidiques et chimiques, vous vous alimentez en hydrogène, gaz naturel et vapeur d’eau et aurez quelques mois pour concevoir et valider en équipe le Smart Energy Hub modulaire de Sylfen, avant d’en faire la solution leader mondiale en terme de rendement énergétique.

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Recrute Ingénieur R&D Process

01 Aug 2017

Passionné par les process industriels innovants, vous avez seulement quelques semaines pour mettre en place, avec les équipes du CEA, un atelier pilote pour fabriquer les premières versions de notre cœur de technologie.

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[Apprentissage] Automatisme Industriel

07 Jul 2017

Encadré par un responsable technique, vous participerez à la conception et au développement du contrôle-commande d’un produit innovant

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