The energy storage solution developed by the start-up Sylfen is the winner of the World Innovation Competition, which was presented on Monday 18 July 2016 in Paris in the presence of Anne Lauvergeon and the ministers Axelle Lemaire And Thierry Mandon.


When renewable energies become cheaper than grid electricity, when new buildings integrate their own source of solar energy, the energy transition is on track. But there is one challenge remaining, because these energies depend on the presence of the wind or the sun. They are therefore impossible to control. This is the whole issue of energy storage: enabling a building to be powered from these intermittent energies.


The solution developed by Sylfen uses batteries and hydrogen. Batteries store energy for a short time, for the day-night cycles. Hydrogen, on the other hand, is used to store large quantities of energy for long periods of time. For example, excess of production of an office building on a good weather weekend can be converted to hydrogen by the water electrolysis process. Then, when energy runs out in a week of bad weather, hydrogen is reused, transformed into electricity and heat by the same energy processor, acting as a fuel cell.


The innovation developed by Sylfen stems from the research carried out at CEA-Liten in Grenoble over the past decade. It is a reversible technology that works both as an electrolyser (when you want to store energy in the form of hydrogen), and as a fuel cell (when you want to reuse that energy in the form of hydrogen). This technology is protected by more than 20 patents of which Sylfen holds a worldwide exclusive license.


Return on Sylfen’s 5th anniversary

31 Aug 2020

On June the 5th, the entire team was gathered to celebrate Sylfen’s 5th anniversary. We took the opportunity to celebrate in our new offices at Le Cheylas! A birthday celebration and inauguration day for the new premises… Nicolas, Caroline and Marc blew out Sylfen’s 5 candles (in the shape of small unicorns!). The whole team…

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Sylfen changes scale

19 May 2020

Sylfen accelerates, with the means to achieve its ambitions: industrial offices with international development potential!

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Sylfen awarded GreenTech Verte label !

06 Apr 2020

We are pleased to have been selected by the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, and are now proud to display the GreenTech Verte label. Sylfen is one of the 26 laureates of the last Call for Expression of Interest initiated by the French government to ‘’select the new companies that offer innovations which…

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Sylfen is awarded the Deeptech’s call for project by BPIFrance

28 Feb 2020

Sylfen won a funding of 950k€ for the ALTAÏR project (2019-2021), which structures the technical and software organisation plan of its product: the Smart Energy Hub.   While Sylfen will deliver its firsts Smart Energy Hubs in 2020, the R&D road-map aims at launching the first industrial version of the product by the end of…

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EARTO awarded the Smart Energy Hub innovation of the year 2019

28 Oct 2019

On October 8th, Sylfen participated to the award ceremony of the EARTO Award, which took place in Brussels. During this ceremony, we had the honor of receiving the Innovation of the Year award, in the category “Impact Expected”, for our Smart Energy Hub integrating the rSOC technology (developed in collaboration with the CEA Liten of…

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Sylfen and the european project GIFT

16 Jul 2019

The GIFT project aims to increase the share of renewable energy production in energy islands, and to use buildings as flexibility agents for networks.

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The Smart Energy Hub labeled Efficient Solution by Solar Impulse

28 May 2019

Our innovative product is part of the effective solutions for a successful energy transition, and has received the Solar Impulse 1000 Solutions label.

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The european project REFLEX

22 May 2018

This project aims at the realization of a Smart Energy Hub of 3 modules, each module being able to store a power of up to 40kWe in electrolysis

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Major technical progress with demonstrator SMARTHyES

22 May 2018

The SMARTHyES (SMART Hydrogen Energy Storage) demonstrator finalized by CEA-Liten and Sylfen in April 2018 incorporates three major advances in the road-map from a laboratory technology to a commercial product

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SYLFEN is now a member of the Smart Buildings Alliance

11 Jul 2017

Sylfen joined the Smart Buildings Alliance in June 2017. We share the same vision on the role of the building in energy transition

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