Sylfen and the european project GIFT

European project GIFT

The GIFT project is a collaborative European project to help decarbonise the energy mix of the European islands. These islands must respect the regulations of their countries, which encourage the deployment of a greener energy mix to align with European and international agreements. GIFT wants to develop innovative systems to enable islands to integrate vast amounts of renewable production.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under a grant agreement No 824410.

To achieve this goal, the consortium brings together 17 partners from 7 countries.

GIFT partners

Through the development of multiple innovative solutions, such as the creation of a virtual power station, a better production between supply and demand and the visualization of these data via a platform, the creation of innovative energy storage systems between electricity and thermal networks. and mobility, GIFT will increase the amount of renewable production to reduce dependence on fossil fuels such as diesel generators. The goal is to reduce carbon emissions.

Sylfen will install a Smart Energy Hub system at one of the two test sites: Harstad in Norway, or Procida in Italy.

Sylfen is also responsible for defining the strategies for its storage system as well as those of the project's partners.

Sylfen and the european project GIFT

16 Jul 2019

The GIFT project aims to increase the share of renewable energy production in energy islands, and to use buildings as flexibility agents for networks.

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The Smart Energy Hub labeled Efficient Solution by Solar Impulse

28 May 2019

Our innovative product is part of the effective solutions for a successful energy transition, and has received the Solar Impulse 1000 Solutions label.

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The european project REFLEX

22 May 2018

This project aims at the realization of a Smart Energy Hub of 3 modules, each module being able to store a power of up to 40kWe in electrolysis

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Major technical progress with demonstrator SMARTHyES

22 May 2018

The SMARTHyES (SMART Hydrogen Energy Storage) demonstrator finalized by CEA-Liten and Sylfen in April 2018 incorporates three major advances in the road-map from a laboratory technology to a commercial product

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SYLFEN is now a member of the Smart Buildings Alliance

11 Jul 2017

Sylfen joined the Smart Buildings Alliance in June 2017. We share the same vision on the role of the building in energy transition

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Sylfen wins the prize Le Monde Smart Cities !

07 Apr 2017

Le Monde organized the European Smart Cities Awards. This European competition awards innovative projects in 7 categories

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05 Apr 2017

The members of the BigBooster Jury nominated the three winners, including Sylfen in the Global Impact category

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Sylfen qualified for BigBooster Finale !

23 Feb 2017

We are pleased to be part of the 10 finalists of the BigBooster Accelerator Program! This American step allowed us to familiarize ourselves with the demands of the US market, to understand the mistakes not to be made, and to identify a strategy of conquest. We met with brilliant coaches and a very good meeting with…

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07 Dec 2016

Sylfen won the special prize from the jury in EDF’s smart energy competition for our energy storage technology using hydrogen

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First order for Sylfen !

04 Oct 2016

Sylfen is off to a good start: at the end of September 2016 we received the first order of our innovative product the Smart Energy Hub!

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